General Rules

  1. One person can have one account only.
  2. Avoiding bans will lead to longer bans. If 7 days ban is being avoided, then player is banned permamently.
  3. If you are banned permamently, you can unban yourself by buying a VIP. Keep in mind that this is not a protection against any other upcoming rule violations.
  4. You cannot waste time by holding the ball and waiting for others to come to you. (Holding the ball means you are in control of the ball, you are far away from any other player and you are waiting for one of them to move to you. Wasting time is considered more than 7 seconds without making a move (kicking it or moving with it).
  5. Attacking own teammates on team room is not allowed.
  6. Teaming is not allowed.
  7. Insulting others is not allowed.

Admins are following these guidelines while resolving reports.

Individual Game Rules

6 MAN is played on special 6MAN stadium. At the start of each game, every player gets a certain goal and 3 lives. The goal of the game is to eliminate other 5 players before being eliminated. Game starts, and players try to score goals on each other. When someone scores a goal on you, you lose a life. When you lose all three lives, you are automatically moved to spectators.

When someone loses a life, it is his turn to kick off the ball while all other players are attached to their goal lines. Player has 6 seconds to kick the ball. If player waits too long, everyone can leave their goals and rush to the ball.

When player loses his lives, his goal becomes empty. That means, that scoring on his goal means losing a life. Even if you did not kick the ball intentionally, but you touched the ball last before it went into an empty goal, you still lose one life.

Top 2 players at the end of the game stays for the next game and are accompanied with 4 players from the top of the spectators list

Team Game Rules

In team game mode, teams (consisting of 3 players each) plays 3x3 game. Every player has 3 lives. Wins team, that eliminates all of the opponent players first.

Team captains (top players of each team) picks players from the spectators list by entering command !number. Number - position of the player from the top.

Team, that wins, stays for the next game. First player from the spectators list picks other 2 players and next game starts.


Teaming is not allowed (individual room only). If you see someone teaming, use our automated reporting system. If administrators confirm situation as teaming, players involved in this will be banned for 24 hours.

Teaming situations:

  • Players continuously attack same person over and over again without trying to attack anyone else.
  • Players avoid scoring goals on each other (or kicking goal threatening shots on each other).
  • Player saves other players goal or player saves an empty goal.
  • Player does not score on open goal. (Player can play fair. ( it means he doesnt score to lagged player. Lagged means that player is far away from his goal because of high ping and inability to protect his goal)).

Insulting Others

Insulting others is not allowed. If you see someone insulting anyone, use our automated reporting system.

Insulting situations that lead to ban:

  • Wishing death or wishing to get a disease.
  • Insulting player's country, race, nationality.
  • Continuous insults against one or more players.

Instulting situations that lead to a ban (examples taken from message logs):

  • I hope you will die from corona.
  • Get cancer.
  • Fucking nigger.
  • Fucking jews.
  • Player A: Idiot.
    Player A: Motherfucker
    Player A: You stupid bitch.

Insulting situations that do not lead to a ban (if used only once or twice per day) (examples taken from message logs):

  • Motherfucker
  • Bitch
  • Idiot.
  • Fuck you.

Admin's decision whether to ban player or no can be affected by the previous history of the player who was reported.

Individual Room Point System

Place Points Bonus
+1 for perfect game*
+1 hour ban.
* - perfect game is a game, when you win without losing a single life.

Team Room Point System

Place Points Bonus
+1 for perfect game*
* - perfect game is a game, when you win without losing a single teammate.

In Room Commands

Command Description
!commands Shows all commands.
!register {email} {pass} Registers a new player account.
!login {pass} Logins to your player account.
!lives How many lives each player has.
!goal Which goal belongs to which player.
!top5 Shows top 5 today players.
!stats Shows your today stats.
!afk Adds you to AFK list.
!back Removes you from AFK list.
!bb Immediately leave room.
!{position} Pick player to your team.*
{email}, {pass} - change these values with your real email and password. {position} - change this value to the position from the top of the player that you want to pick. * - this command works in team room only.