Why to install 6man.LT mobile application?

The purpose of 6man.LT mobile app is to improve overall user experience. By installing this app you will gain following benefits:

  • See whether you are banned or no.
  • Get notification when you get banned, so you will not get ban for "Abusing ban rule" anymore.
  • Get notification when you get unbanned, so you do not need to keep refreshing 6man.lt webpage anymore, to see whether you can play or no.
  • Get notification when new tournament registration is open. That way you will not miss the opportunity to win a VIP for a month.
  • Get notification when verification process of the tournament you are registered on, starts. That way you will not miss verification process.
  • Ability to register to the new tournament without visiting webpage.
  • Ability to verify that you are playing in the tournament without visiting webpage.

More upcoming features.

Note: Google Play might show a warning when you try to install this app, because it is not in Google Play.

Download 6man.LT mobile app

Currently, app is only available for Android users.

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