General Rules

1. One person can have only one account.

2. Avoiding 1h ban will lead to 24h ban.

3. Avoiding 24h ban will lead to account deletion.

4. Teaming = 24h ban.

5. Insulting others = 24h ban.


Teaming is not allowed. If you see someone teaming, record it and paste file in our discord channel. If administrators confirm situation as teaming, players involved in this will be banned for 24 hours.

Teaming situations:

  • Players continuously attack same person over and over again without trying to attack anyone else.
  • Players avoid scoring goals on each other.
  • Player saves other player from losing a life or saves other player from scoring on an empty goal.
  • Player does not score on open goal.

Insulting Others

Insulting others is not allowed. If you see someone insulting anyone, screenshot and paste photo in our discord channel.

Insulting situations that lead to ban:

  • Wishing death or wishing to get a disease.
  • Insulting player's country, race, nationality.

Points System

  • 1st place +4 points +1 point if you win without loosing a single life
  • 2nd place +2 points
  • 3rd place +1 point
  • 4th place +0 points
  • 5th place -1 point
  • 6th place -2 points + 1 hour ban


  • !commands - shows all commands.
  • !register password - registers a new player account. Email needs verification to be able to login. Keep in mind that your new player will have your nickname that you are currently using in the game.
  • !login password - logins to your player account. Keep in mind to use exactly the same nickname while doing this, as you did while registering.
  • !lives - shows how many lives each player has. This command only works when the game is going.
  • !goal - shows which goal belongs to which player. This command only works when the game is going.
  • !top5 - shows top 5 todays leaders.
  • !stats - shows your today stats.
  • !afk - moves player to afk list. Player wont get picked for upcoming games until he is !back. (but will stay in the top of the room list). This command is for VIPs only
  • !back - moves player back to active players list. This command is for VIPs only
  • !bb - immediatelly kicks player out of the room. This ensures that player wont accidentally play and get banned for playing game after he already left. This command is for VIPs only

Game Rules

6 MAN is played on special 6MAN map

At the start of each round, every player gets a certain goal.

At the start of the game, everyone have an equal amount of 3 lives each. Game starts, and players try to score goals on each other. When someone scores a goal on you, you loose a life. When you loose all three lives, you are automatically moved to spectators.

Whose turn to kick the ball

When someone looses a life, it is his turn to kick off the ball.

Player has 6 seconds to kick the ball.

If player waits too long, BOT then pauses the game and everyone can rush to the center.

What is an empty goal?

When player looses his lives, his gates become empty. That means, that scoring on his goal means loosing your life. Even if you did not kick the ball intentionally, but you touched the ball last before it went into an empty goal, you still loose one life. So be careful, it is a common practice, especially in the later stages of the game to try to kick the ball so it would go into empty goal from someone else.

How to avoid getting kicked?

You will be banned if:

  • You lose all your lives first.
  • You insult other people, advertise.
  • Admin suspects that you are teaming against somebody.

Ban lasts 1 hour.

How BOT decides who plays?

At the very first game of the day, first 6 players from the top.

Every other game: 2 best from the last game + 4 from the top.

If player wins or finishes second in the game and leaves, then he is changed with the first one from the top of the spectators list

Have fun on our room